About us

House of Communication (HOC) was established in 1997. Marketing promotions, media operations and direct selling services are the core business at first. These involve different industries widely and deeply, ranging from promotion campaigns of international brands, to retail management services, from media establishment to advertisement creation. We change with time and HOC will develop a brand new image in 2015. Thanks to our clients and partners, we become more professional and continue to grow stronger with the great success of every project.

Story of H.O.C :
HOC passed through the business world in the past 18 years, however, we could not find a proper Chinese name that can represent the core values of H.O.C. While the development of 21-century digital-information age is turning white-hot, from desktop to smartphone, from sms to whatsApp & weChat, from email to social media……etc., we confirmed our core value eventually and registered 「文化尺度」as our Chinese name officially. We, 「H.O.C文化尺度」, will re-interpret the new meaning of cultural packing.

Core Business :
We believe that design (including text, image, audio & video) is powerful as buying decisions are easily influenced by the design and especially the appearance design. Thus, [ Design | Culture ] forms the backbone of H.O.C and we are focusing on “Corporate Identity” and “ Content Marketing”.