H.O.C Story

Nov 11, 2014 |

HOC passed through the business world in the past 18 years, however, we could not find a proper Chinese name that can represent the core values of HOC. While the development of 21-century digital-information age is turning white-hot, we confirmed our core value eventually and registered 「文化尺度」as our Chinese name officially. We, 「HOC文化尺度」, will re-interpret … read more

Corporate Identity

Nov 4, 2014 |

The brand you created has defined who you are and how you are different from your competitors. In essence, a brand represents the commitment to your potential clients that must be honoured and be kept. Clients’ experience is the way to honoured your promise. Brand image have to be reviewed regularly, to keep in touch … read more

Content Marketing

Nov 4, 2014 |

Content marketing is a new marketing strategy that involves sharing of media contents in variety of formats, including both online and offline, such as e-magazine, blog, video etc., in order to deliver the messages of the product and the brand. Through the expressions of text, image, audio & video etc., media contents are interacting to … read more

human nature via online marketing strategy

Nov 24, 2014 |

human nature via online marketing strategy Avarice: Group-buy Seckilling Lucky draw Home earning Free trial, Food tasting, Download, Storage Space…… Vanity: Hierarchy system Check-in Fans Insignia system…… Laziness: One-click only QR code Save registration record Multi-platform synchronizes…… Pride: Comment We will continue to discuss next time. Thank you.