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Announcement: Content Marketing

Nov 4, 2014 |

Content marketing is a new marketing strategy that involves sharing of media contents in variety of formats, including both online and offline, such as e-magazine, blog, video etc., in order to deliver the messages of the product and the brand. Through the expressions of text, image, audio & video etc., media contents are interacting to … read more

human nature via online marketing strategy

Nov 24, 2014 |

human nature via online marketing strategy Avarice: Group-buy Seckilling Lucky draw Home earning Free trial, Food tasting, Download, Storage Space…… Vanity: Hierarchy system Check-in Fans Insignia system…… Laziness: One-click only QR code Save registration record Multi-platform synchronizes…… Pride: Comment We will continue to discuss next time. Thank you.

Sticky: H.O.C Story

Nov 11, 2014 |

HOC passed through the business world in the past 18 years, however, we could not find a proper Chinese name that can represent the core values of HOC. While the development of 21-century digital-information age is turning white-hot, we confirmed our core value eventually and registered 「文化尺度」as our Chinese name officially. We, 「HOC文化尺度」, will re-interpret … read more

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