Content Marketing

Definition of Content Marketing : 
Content marketing is a new marketing strategy that involves sharing of media contents in variety of formats, including both online and offline, such as e-magazine, blog, video etc., in order to deliver the messages of the product and the brand. Through the expressions of text, image, audio & video etc., media contents are interacting to each other mutually and that resulted in stimulating the consumer behaviour.

Sales Writing :
Sales writing can be defined as selling behavior in general. In narrow sense, it makes use of text to persuade readers to execute or to deliberate the content. Text has great power. An excellent article not only saved your time and efforts but also can boost and expand your business, help you to reach a larger clients pool. More importantly, it is timeless and keeps influencing consumers in multi-generations.

Today, realistic introduction of products and services is not enough for selling. In creative writing, we have to consider the most influential elements based on the human’s emotions.

Writing to boost selling :
Honestly, most of the people are lack of techniques and experiences to write an impressive article.
Similarly, most of the copywriters do not have any selling experience.
Even though some may dabble at both writing skills and selling experience, it is hard to merge them together. That means copywriters cannot deem their writing work is a selling process, meanwhile, salespersons have never write a formal article.

HOC has nearly 20years experiences in selling and article writing, we use practical skills, lively words and touching sense to master readers’ needs and desire.

Content Marketing Services :
HOC team keeps monitoring keywords of different industries, grasping pulse of the market for creation. We write articles based on the search engine optimization (seo) strategy that are suitable for website articles, email, social media, advertisement, promotion, direct mailing, PR copy etc.

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